New Items


We have a new dinner menu out with delicious new dishes to pick from. The Caesar “Wedge” features Romaine, Smoked Garlic Dressing, Lemon Confit, and Brioche. The Gorgonzola “Fondue” features Bacon, Caramelized Onion, and Sharp Cheddar. These are just two of the many items you can pick from. Vinted is located in West Hartford CT. Call us today at 860.206.4648 to make a reservation.

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The best wine bar in West Hartford


Vinted is an upscale wine bar located in West Hartford CT. We have a large wine collection that you can pick from and also tons of delicious food. You can also drop by after work and pick something from our happy hour, we have $5 appetizers, $5 wines, and $3 beers. Located in Blueback square in West Hartford CT, Vinted won’t disappoint you. If a loved ones birthday is coming up or you just simply don’t know what to get someone as a gift, Vinted offers 9 different options of gift cards! Come in today or call us at 860.206.4648 to make a reservation.

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New Year, New You


Was one of your New Years resolutions to eat healthy in 2016? Well when you come and have a meal at Vinted you won’t be breaking that resolution because we offer delicious healthy meals. Come to Vinted and try our “Veggies” they are amazing! Read more below on some of the healthy food we have.

Pancetta / Medjool Dates / Almond / Lemon 8.95

Federal Risotto Balls
Truffle Butter / Parmesan 8.50

Whipped Chickpea Hummus
Za’atar / Scallion Cake / Cracked Pepper 8.25

Speck / Smoked Yogurt / Almonds / Porcini “Dirt” / Charred Red Onion 9.95


2 Year Cheddar / Forest Mushroom / Jalapeño Aioli / Balsamic Pearls 13.95

Vinted Olives
Fennel Pollen / Lemon / Sea Salt 4.95

Truffled Popcorn
Black Truffle Salt / Parmesan 4.95

“Bruleed” Parmesan / Crispy Potato Chips / Feta / Hickory Salt 6.95 Add Chorizo 2.95

Asparagus “Bagutta”
Charred Asparagus / Fried Egg / Parmesan / Soy Truffle Vinaigrette

Kale Salad
“Rainbow” Radish / Spiced Pecans / Puffed Rice / Buttermilk Dressing 7.95 Add Salmon

Spicy Carrot Bisque
Madeira / Toasted Almond / Chive

Restaurants – West Hartford CT, Hartford CT